Our Mission and Promise to You! 


Triple T Entertainment promises our Three P’s of Business:  

Personality, Professionalism, and Peace of Mind.

 Personality is the distinction that makes a person unique while impressing others. At Triple T Entertainment we pride ourselves on quality, individuality, and friendliness. Our Disc Jockeys and Entertainers enjoy working with people in all types of settings. We promote high energy and showmanship. Our presentation and dress are unrivaled. We want to look and be our best for you!

Professionalism defines loyalty as undeviating courtesy, honesty, and responsibility. At Triple T Entertainment We strive toward customer satisfaction. Our experienced Disc Jockeys and Entertainers are polite, sincere, and dependable and truly care about Your event. We are well respected by the wedding industry, past clients and numerous venues, and conduct ourselves with highest regard.

Peace of Mind is the absence of stress or anxiety. At Triple T Entertainment We coordinate your entire event and work closely with your vendors to create an event tailored to your wishes leaving you with no worries! We will go above and beyond to make sure You are at ease.

Our Disc Jockeys and Entertainers knowledge and passion for music, entertainment and making people smile gives us the edge you are looking for and you a night to remember!

 We Promise:

To constantly deliver the highest quality professional service to each and every client.

To always deliver on promises and exceed expectations.

Always go the extra mile.

Provide the finest entertainment for the best price.

Always remember the client is the star of the show.


Why Choose Us?

Outstanding Reputation

Triple T Entertainment has been serving clients and their guest for over 14 years. We have amassed an outstanding reputation for our service, sound system quality, Photo Booths and consistent entertainment excellence. The countless number of fabulous customer evaluations we receive every year is a true testament to our outstanding quality and work ethic.

Peace Of mind Reliabilty

It seems like every other month we receive a last minute call from a desperate bride or party planner who just had their DJ, Photo Booth or Entertainment Specialist cancel on them for whatever reason. This is an awful position for a bride and groom or anyone planning an event to be in and it happens more often than you may think, especially with the recent influx of independent DJs, Photo Booths and so called Entertainers. Even on dates when we are booked solid, we are fully prepared and always have a back-up DJ, Entertainer or Booth ready to go. In addition, our back up is always a working member of our staff with plenty of experience, so nothing will be compromised for your special day should we need to use our back-up.

Presentation And Appearance

When we are at your event, our staff will be neatly groomed and dressed in a suit unless you request otherwise. In addition, our Sound Systems, Photo Booths, and equipment in general are clean and neatly set up with no tacky banners, neon signs, or marquees advertising our company name.

2 thoughts on “Our Mission

  • June 9, 2015 at 1:13 am

    You and Rae were terrific. The kids loved all the games and energy that the two of you provided. We gave out all your cards and your going to be getting quite a few calls.

    • June 9, 2015 at 1:31 am

      Robert, Thank You very much. We appreciate the kind words. You, Your family and all Your guest were AWESOME!! It was great to be part of Michaels birthday. Tell him I said He is still The Musical Ball champion. Thanks again and have a blessed day.


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