High School

Finding the right DJ can either make or break a dance and here at Triple T Entertainment, we understand that. That’s why we have a free consultation with every event that we book. Every detail must be discussed to ensure that expectations are met and the dance goes off without a hitch. Triple T Entertainment has played host to many high school dances across the Tri state area.

When you are looking for your next DJ that will have the whole crowd moving, give Triple T Entertainment a chance to make your dance go from good to GREAT!

Weather it be a celebration of homecoming or the excitement of Prom, Triple T Entertainment has the experience and professionalism to bring your next school dance to the next level.  
Although we believe equipment is an important aspect of our business, we’re not going to bore you with specs. Instead we believe the success of your event boils down to the music we play. As you already know, a teenage crowd can sometimes be hard to please, so listening to their demands is important. This is why we spend months out the year researching the hottest trends in music, fashion and entertainment; then turn around and weaves all of those trends into a Triple T Entertainment style event

  Earth shattering sound systems, dazzling neon lights and of outrageous mix DJs are a few ingredients in our recipe for jaw-dropping school dances. Couple that with our very own unique promotions and text request features and Your ticket sales will soar

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