Elementary School

Elementry Entertainment is a program designed for Grade School Students! A fast paced, energy driven event, Elementry Entertainment is a great way to get everyone involved with the fun.

When is a “dance” NOT a dance? When Triple T Entertainment comes to your school, laden with prizes, special dances and activities with the Elementry Entertainment Show. Your students will learn the steps to some classic dance tunes like “The Chicken Dance” and “Limbo,” but will also be introduced to some funtastic songs with unique dances made popular by the Triple T Entertainment crew!

Better yet, to go along with the songs and fun, we’ll bring special props that your students can use for added participation and enjoyment. Sunglasses, foam hats, beach balls are just some of the items we incorporate into your Elementry Entertainment Show.

You can also add Our Photo Booth or Our Hula Hoop show with live instructers that will surely have everyone Hooping 

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