College parties are a great way to meet new people, relieve stress from school and have a great time.

   Triple T Entertainment has performed countless college events including graduations, Greek events, semi formals, pep rallies, Fashion shows, fund raisers, themed parties to name a few. Why we are different…We keep the high energy flowing when the time is right, or we can keep the night classy and elegant…whatever you like!
   Our music library is constantly updated with the latest popular college hits everyone will want to dance to. If you’re into hip-hop, rap, rock, alternative or any other types of music, we have it.
   Add a light show package (also completely customizable), haze or bubble machine to enhance the “club party” atmosphere. Want to get even more wild ask about our Foam parties. They don't call us the Bubble masters for nothing.
   Led by Matt & Rae along with our staff of amazing audio, video, lighting, and staging technicians, our goal at Triple T Entertainment is to create legendary dance parties.  All of our shows are completely custom built and completely scalable.
   So if your party is in a campus building with just a couple of hundred classmates or outside with 3,000 classmates for homecoming, we've got what you need. Our D.J.'s are incredible at mixing and blending music together to create a high energy party that will create an amazing party and leave you with memories for the entire school for many years to come.

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