From All Request Nights, Trivia Nights, Karaoke, Pong Tournaments and much much more.  Our staff is right at home in any setting. Don’t Forget We Are One Of The Only Entertainment Companies In The Area Offering I-Go Bingo, This Is Bingo Like You’ve Never Seen It Before!

Included with all contracts is promotion via various social networking sites.

All multiple bookings receive a discount.

Are you a Bar, Club or Restaurant owner? Maybe You know one who would be interested in hosting Trivia, Karaoke or I-Go Bingo events weekly or Bi-weekly  

If so, ask yourself a few simple questions.

Who doesn’t want to increase their sales?

Who doesn’t want their guest to have a GREAT time?

Who doesn’t want the BEST in Entertainment?

If you want increased sales, and the best Entertainment around give Triple T Entertainment a call.

We will come to you and present you with what it is that Triple T Entertainment does in a free 15 Entertainment does in a minute no obligation consultation . Call us now at 484-335-8032 

There are many companies in the area have tried to duplicate what we do here at Triple T Entertainment but that’s just not possible. Not only because We set the bar so high but mainly because we go above and beyond to make each and every guest happy. We not only entertain, We engage you guest. We are not just “Dj’s” , We are entertainers, it’s who we are.  Don’t settle for the same old boring show that leaves your guest yawning. Call Triple T Entertainment The most interactive experience around.

Ever see the television show Cheers?  When ever Norm walked in and everyone called his name. They made him feel welcome. He wasn’t just another patron. He wasn’t just a beer tab. He was part of the Cheers family. Your guests want to be part of a family. When they come in the door, they want to be known by name not a number. Triple T Entertainment provides you with the host to put all this together making sure your guest feel welcome and want to come back time and time again.

During our 15 min free consulatation we will discuss many of the innovative ideas that make Triple T Entertainment the most sought after Entertainment in the Tri-State area.  

 Regular postings on Triple T Entertainment’s social media links. (not just facebook like many of our imitators) 
Website linking to – your website and Social Media Links as well.
 Both large and small  Posters in your establishment

 Announcements of upcoming events for your establishment
 We can mix it up Karaoke, Trivia, I-Go Bingo and more
 Specialized per your establishment activities used as incentives for prize giveaways.
 Specialize in parties geared toward holiday and or special themes.

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